Kwartz-ruby 3.2 Reference Guide

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3   Command-Line Options

Usage: kwartz [..options..] [-p file.plogic] file.html > file.rhtml

Command-line options:

Show help.
Show version.
Escape (sanitize) expression value. This is an alias of '--escape=true'
-l lang
Target language ('eruby, 'php', 'eperl', 'rails', or 'jstl'). Default is 'eruby'.
-k kanji
Kanji code (euc/sjis/utf8). Default is null.
-r library,...
Require libraries.
-p plogic,...
Presentation logic files. Suffix '.plogic' is omittable.
-i pdata,...
Import presentation data files.
-L layoutfile
Layout file. '-L f1 f2' is equivalent to '-i f2 f1'.
-x elem-id
Extract content of element marked by elem-id.
-X elem-id
Extract element marked by elem-id.
-f yamlfile
YAML file for context values.
Expand tab character in YAML file.
Convert mapping key from string to symbol in YAML file.

Command-line properties:

Directive attribute name.
Odd value for FOREACH/LOOP directive (default "'odd'").
Even value for FOREACH/LOOP directive (default "'even'").
Header text.
Footer text.
Delete dummy span tag (default false).
Escape (sanitize) (default false).
JSTL version (default 1.2).
Character-set for JSTL (default none).