Kwalify User's Guide (for Ruby)

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5   References

5-1   Usage in Command-Line

### usage1: validate YAML document in command-line
$ kwalify -f schema.yaml document.yaml [document2.yaml ...]
### usage2: validate schema definition in command-line
$ kwalify -m schema.yaml [schema2.yaml ...]

Command-line options:

-h, --help
Print help message.
Print version.
Quiet mode.
(Obsolete. Use '-q' instead.) Silent mode.
-f schema.yaml
Specify schema definition file.
Meta-validation of schema definition.
Expand tab characters to spaces automatically.
Show linenumber on which error found.
Show errors in Emacs-compatible style (implies '-l' option).
-a action
Do action. Currently supported action is 'genclass-ruby' and 'genclass-java'. Try '-ha action' to get help about the action.
-I path1,path2,...
Template path (for '-a').
Enable preceding alias.