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What is Kwaff?

Kwaff is a pretty tool to convert Kwaff format document into XML document, and also convert XML into Kwaff.

Kwaff format is a friendly format for human to read and write than XML. Kwaff format makes XML as easy as YAML to read and write.

See users' guide and examples for detail of Kwaff format.

Download and install

If you have installed RubyGems, just type gem install --remote kwaff.

If not, download Kwaff and read README.txt.

Kwaff is written in Ruby(>=1.8). You need to install Ruby to use Kwaff.

Documents and Links


GNU General Public License ver.2


Makoto Kuwata <>

If you send me an e-mail, start 'Subject:' with '[kwaff]'. Otherwise, I may miss out your mail.