• [2011-11-11] pyKook 0.7.1 released
  • [2011-11-05] pyKook 0.7.0 released
  • [2011-10-27] pyKook 0.6.0 released
  • [2011-10-26] plKook 0.0100 released
  • [2009-11-02] pyKook 0.5.0 released


Fig: Kook allows you to manipulate recipe object.
figure of kook

Kook is software build tool similar to Rake, Ant, SCons or Cook.

Kook liken build process to cooking:

  • Recipe -- Task or rule to generate output from input.
  • Product -- Output from recipe.
  • Ingredient -- Input for recipe.
  • Method -- Steps (= a set of commands) to generate product from ingredients.
  • Spice -- Additional argument (= command-line options) for recipe.
  • Cookbook -- A file containing recipe definitions.

The most ineresting feature Kook has (and others doesn't) is that it introduced meta programming concept into task definition.

For example, the right example shows that:

  • Define generic file recipe which creates *.o from *.c and *.h
  • Instanciate a certain specific recipe from generic recipe
  • Modify or edit that specific recipe

In other words, you can manipulate recipes easily which you defined.

Kook is now implemented in Python and Perl(PHP version and Ruby version are obsolete). You can define your recipes in pure Python or Perl.

Download and Document

pyKook (Python)
plKook (Perl)
  • Download: Kook-0.0100.tar.gz (2011-10-26 released)
  • Install:
    $ curl -LO http://xrl.us/cpanm
    $ chmod +x ./cpanm
    $ sudo ./cpanm Kook
  • Document: coming soon!
(OBSOLETE) (Ruby) Rook


MIT License