Erubis-J Users' Guide

4   Appendix

4-1   Command-Line Options

Usage: java erubis.Main [...options...] [file1 file2...]


Help message.
Show converted code.
Escape expression by default.
Body only: don't print preamble nor postamble.
Expand tab characters in *.yaml file.
-f datafile
Context data file (*.yaml, *.json, *.js).
-k encoding
File encoding (UTF8, EUC-JP, Shift_JIS, ...).
-l language
Language name (js, c, java).
-d d1,d2,...
-g filter
Post-filter script (*.js or *.ejs).


Embedded pattern (default '<% %>').
Escape function name (default '_escape')
Don't convert Java object to JavaScript object
Use Processing Instruction pattern (default 'js').
Use char as expression pattern characer (default is '@').
Use another Processing Instruction pattern (default 'js').
Use ch1 and ch2 as expression pattern characters (default is '#,$').