Erubis-J Users' Guide

1   Installation

Erubis-J requires Rhino to execute JavaScript code and Kwalify-java to parse YAML file. You should install them to use Erubis-J.

  1. Download from, unzip it, and get 'erubis.jar'.
  2. Download Rhino from and get 'js.jar'.
  3. Download Kwalify-java from and get 'kwalify.jar'.
  4. Set the classpath environment variable to include the following jar files.
    • erubis.jar
    • js.jar
    • kwalify.jar
  5. Try 'java erubis.Main -h' to invoke Erubis-J. If you got help message, installation was successed.
  6. (Optional) You can create shell script to invoke Erubis-J in short. For example:
    ## filename: erubis-j
    exec java -classpath $classpath erubis.Main "$@"

Erubis-J requires Java 1.4 or higher.